Follow up on ORA-00060 little oddity

Five years ago I have written the ORA-00060 little oddity article about this strange (for me!) error:

ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource

Not understanding on time what was happening on the database forced the developers to rethink the architecture of the application and this added a couple of months of designing, developing and testing on an already tight schedule.

Instead of a simple solution as:

alter table T1
  initrans 255 

we’ve come up with a convoluted solution that only covered up the real issue.

Fast forward to this month when I’ve got the chance to play with the Method-R software: Method R Workbench and Method R Trace for Oracle SQL Developer. (For more details on how useful and what it can do check Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Oracle Tracing (Cary Millsap DOUG Presentation 2020-05-07))

While playing with this software I’ve gotten curious: given the same error, how fast I will get to the same conclusion?

I have recreated my test case and run it with Method R Trace for Oracle SQL Developer enabled. This automagically retrieved the trace file for me.

Method R Trace for Oracle SQL Developer automatically retrieves the trace file for you.

Drag-n drop the file into Method R Workbench and open the generated Method R Profile:

Method R Workbench immediately reveals the issue at the first glance.

And under one minute I was looking directly at the problem. No more guesswork. No more Sherlock with the magnifier goofing around. And the time spend in search of the problem can easily be used to find a better solution.

All my admiration and appreciation goes to @CaryMillsap and @MethodR team for imagining such useful and well thought products.

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